The ISO 9001 certificate confirms the standard dealing with the overall quality of management and processes. It promotes the adoption of a process approach in the area of quality management in the production and distribution sectors. Obtaining a certificate carries with it also obligations and high responsibility. Therefore, we are constantly working on our internal processes to make them of the highest quality.
  • Identify processes that our company manages (eg control and implementation processes, measurement processes, etc.).
  • Establish relationships between these processes and determine criteria and methods for their implementation and management.
  • Provide the necessary resources to implement the processes.
  • Monitor, measure and analyze these processes.
  • Apply measures to achieve results.
  • Processes constantly improve.
In the first place is always the customer. Therefore, we have adopted such control mechanisms to avoid errors. Although the error would happen, we have a quick traceability of the emergence and finding its responsible source. This will prevent the error from recurring.
In connection with the award, the application of our products has also expanded. As a result, we are able to reach those sectors where ISO 9001 certification is a prerequisite. An example is the automotive subcontractors sector, to which we can provide a wide range of shipping plugs and caps.
The ISO 9001 certification is an important milestone for us, thanks to which we are constantly developing. And not only that. It opened the door to other customers and new industries. So we can constantly improve our services.

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