CNC Machining of Aluminum Brno

When machining aluminum, duralumin or aluminum alloys, we use CNC machines for chip machining.

We also process flat materials and deal with piece and serial production.

The manufactured part can be supplied with surface treatment - varnishing, sandblasting or anodization. We also process flat materials.

The default material for production is aluminum plates and aluminum profiles.

Based on your drawings in combination with our modern technologies for machining and milling of aluminum, we are able to deliver a quality product according to  your wishes.

Do not hesitate to make a request here or contact us directly.

We use mostly these aluminum alloys for production

  • EN AW-5083
EN AW-6060
EN AW-6082
EN AW-2007
EN AW-7075

We will be happy to offer you any commonly available aluminum plates, or the processing of aluminum profiles.


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