In the begining of 2023, we equiped our quality control department with a new automatic digital measurement tool Keyence.

Digital measurement system IM-8030T is able to display in high resolution and it has three times higher detection performance than other conventional systems. Due to 20 megapixel CMOS sensor and a new algorithm that enables stable edge detection, it is possible to measure up to 300 points on 100 parts in a few seconds with high accuracy. Newly developed rotational unit can also rotate objects of various dimensions and shapes and to keep them in horizontal position, which allows 360° measurement of various surfaces simultaneously.

Following elements allow better control productivity and keep precision measurement rate.

Advanced Technologies for Complete Measurement

Large Diameter Telecentric Lenses. No extreme focus adjustment or positioning required.

Ultra-high-definition CMOS and new edge detection algorithm for three times the detection performanc.

Programmable Ring-illumination Unit accurately extracts edges with optimal lighting condition.

Light Probe Unit A light probe that can measure features at specific height.

Contact Height Measurement Unit Simultaneous Z-direction measurement.

360° Rotary Unit Simultaneous measurement of all surfaces of a 3D part.

Large High-Speed/Precision Stage Measurement area 300×200 mm.

Measurements of up to 300 dimensions on 100 parts can be made simultaneously in few seconds.


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