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News for 2019
This year, the company was able to significantly supplement the extensive a wide range of special stainless-steel products structural elements of importance in the field of food production, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The importance of hygiene is the main request, without this it is impossible to succeed even the most advanced and most sophisticated technology. By designing new machines, which will meet the criteria of current hygienic norms and regulations or using certified parts, which design limit dirtiness, we may be a very important factor for success by selling equipment in competition with rivals. Machinery which uses 3A certification because of its quality and execution can stand out in competing for business because of its quality

Certification 3A and what it is
As was said earlier, company A components comes with new segments of products for the food and pharmaceutical industry with stainless manufacturing. These products were designed and produced with the strictest hygienic norms and they are supposed to be used:

· To secure better hygiene comparing products before
· To secure quality and compatibility of using materials in the food and pharmaceutical industry
· To reduce cleaning time
· To reduce the quantity used detergents and easier maintenance of equipment

All these products meet the criteria for certification from American Nonprofit 3 A corporation, which is an independent company representing three important parts (manufacturer, consumers, and supplier). All these parts have one goal in common, to support food security and public health in the best way. Products certificated by this company are marked with the 3A logo. Thanks to this new selection of products can A components, Ltd. offer assortment in the sector for all types of loads and attachment and all types of surface.

3 A is not just foot
Our assortment is not limited just for standings feet and rectifying components. We extended our offer of parts for machinery of handles, hinges, nuts, special four rotation locks subject to standards IP67 and 69K. Thanks to these new components we are ready to help you with your fight with bacteria, hygienic problems, and potential threats and long-time cleaning. Products are manufactured for high-class materials AISI 304 and silicon. During the process of manufacturing, we are controlling buckling of surface, accurate radius and other specific requests for this type of product. These are all key factors for achievement 3 A certification.

Supplement all parts from one source
In A components s.r.o. we have a huge product range of parts for machine industry or batch production parts also. They have around 20 000 spare parts catalog and if you can´t find the perfect one they can offer special parts made just for your request.

If your project needs a special part, they can develop, design and make a prototype for testing applications. If the resulting fine, they can produce these parts in lot production or piece production. If your goal is manufacturing machines and devices, with which you need to achieve against tough and strong competing business, you need a reliable partner, which can provide functional and optional solutions and functioning logistics.


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