A components focus on the distribution and custom manufacturing of industrial components, finishing and protective elements for manufacturing companies from various fields for five years. Thanks to our extensive product range, we are able to offer components to a wide range of customers.

We strive to provide our partners with first-class support and service. Every demand is dealt with in detail by a team of experienced technicians who search for the most suitable and advantageous variant of the product based on the customer's requirements.

From the standard assortment, we offer finishing elements such as plugs for pipes and tubes, control and design elements such as handles, levers, wheels and especially legs, hinges and locks for which we have a great choice. We also offer protective elements for hydraulic hoses and components. Here we have a large portfolio of products, such as plastic and metal protective spirals, textile and metal sleeves, where we can offer several materials and color variants, according to customer requirements. We offer MSHA certified protection for the mining environment. A wide range of plugs and caps are also a major part of our standard range.

We buy parts from manufacturers from European countries. When selecting suppliers we strictly demand high quality. In our constant range, we only offer components that have succeeded in the internal trial period, as well as their manufacturer, who must show the company culture, established production standards and flexibility in deliveries.

Last but not least, we have our own production, which was based on the frequent requirements of our existing and new customers who have requirements for atypical parts, or parts that have to deviate from standard catalog parts. Our production is focused on plastic and aluminum materials. We have CNC machine tools for machining and conventional machines for additional production.

We are also involved in the molding of plastic parts on injection molding machines, either on our molds or on the molds we have developed/manufactured, which then pass to the customer's property. We also punch on presses, plastic and rubber components such as gaskets, washers and various shapes of flat material according to customer's needs. One of the main goals of the company is to build a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership relationship with our customers, which will ensure our customers the certainty of quality components for their production, delivery within agreed deadlines and last but not least high price flexibility. After defining the product and setting the contractual relationship with the customer, we normally provide “in time” supply according to its production needs.

If you send us your request, drawing, sketch, description or available information to the required part, our specialist team will respond quickly with an offer tailored to you.


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